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Hardship Program Heading - "The difference between stumbling blocks and stepping stones is how you use them."

Moxley & Associates, LLC understands that situations may arise that can prevent consumers from fulfilling their financial obligations to our clients. Subsequently, the firm allows qualifying consumers to apply for our internal hardship program. It is our goal to work with the consumer to gather information regarding their situation and together determine a course of action.


You may call our office and speak to an account representative at 866-996-3277 to apply for this program.

You may also submit a written application. Please complete THIS FORM and mail to:

Moxley & Associates, LLC
P.O. Box 4953
Montgomery, AL 36103

The mere application for this program does not promise a consumer’s admission.


Once the firm has obtained all needed information a determination will be made regarding the consumer’s hardship status.

Permanent Hardship

If the firm determines that a Consumer is suffering a permanent hardship, the firm will cease collection activity while the hardship information is conveyed to our client. The firm’s clients will make all final decisions regarding permanent hardship.

Temporary Hardship

If the firm determines that a Consumer is suffering a temporary hardship, the firm will accept the consumer into this program. Based on the nature of the consumer’s hardship, an appropriate acceptance period will be determined. During the time a consumer is actively participating in this program collection and legal activity will cease. At the expiration of the acceptance period, the firm will contact the consumer to determine whether 1) the consumer’s situation has progressed to a permanent hardship, 2) the consumer is still suffering from the temporary hardship and an extension is in order, 3) the temporary hardship has ended and the consumer no longer qualifies for this program.


If the firm determines that no qualifying hardship exists the consumer’s application is considered denied. Denial in no way prevents the consumer from making future applications for the program.