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Compliance / Technology / Security - “Those able to respond to the changes in the industry will be the ones leading the industry.”

Moxley & Associates, LLC recognizes the large and ever growing role of compliance in the consumer collection industry.  In response, intense focus has been placed on this facet of the business.  The firm employs a full-time dedicated compliance officer.  The compliance officer is tasked with implementation, maintenance and auditing of all regulatory, legal and client standards.

By using the latest technology we are able to ensure an excellent level of convenience to clients and consumers. Technology and security are integral to firm operations and therefore the firm has invested in a number of products and services that enable us to operate at maximum efficiency.

These include:

  • Ontario Systems FACS (Flexible Automated Collection System that integrates account processing and telephone services)
  • Ontario Systems Guaranteed Contacts (Integrated Predictive Dialer) & Manual Dialer
  • Ontario Systems Validity (Cell Phone Scrub)
  • Ontario Systems Voicetrak (records and stores all conversations pertaining to your accounts for training and quality assurance purposes.)
  • Ontario Systems DISQ (Authentic Imaging and Storage Query helps us maintain all correspondence on an account in an archive and those records are conveniently available to both our clients and collectors)
  • Ontario Systems Enable (Integrated programming solution that allows us to create detailed status reports tailored to meet the client’s needs are readily available)
  • Iprism Web Filtering
  • PGP Encryption
  • Security Cameras
  • Automated intrusion detection system
  • Onsite Document destruction